2013 / Santa Ynez Valley

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When we first started doing Grenache in 2012, it was so uncommon in Napa that the welcome committee was undecided. Then it promptly became our bestseller and for good reason.  Enter the 2013 with some extra oomph in color and spicy character, plus prominent berries and a confectionery sweetness to complement the smokiness. You’ve heard of gateway drugs? This lighter-style red is an excellent gateway red for white lovers. We were never too worried about the approval of any committee, but we’re pretty sure they’ll be busting out the warm welcome for this one.

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Tasting Notes

We love a traditional Grenache’s unique point of view, but we futzed with it anyway to get it just right. The result is 86% Grenache, with a splash of Syrah and a dollop of Petit Verdot for a deeper color, spicier character and the perfect texture. Reminiscent of campfire s’mores, the cinnamon notes add some spice to the confectionery sweetness. Drink up like a kid in a candy shop.

Winemaking Info

We go out of our way to get the best fruit. In this case, all the way down to the Santa Ynez Valley in SoCal. Back here in Napa, we threw it into oak barrels to ferment, skin and all. We like to get down and dirty with our wine, so we punched it down by hand. That way, we can get an intimate, hands-on feel for how the wine is coming along. More fun that way, too.

Uproot Ingredient: Raspberry
Uproot Ingredient: Graham Cracker
Uproot Ingredient: Cherry
Uproot Ingredient: Cinnamon
Uproot Ingredient: Graham Cracker
winemaking info

Wine Facts

86% Grenache, 9% Syrah, 5% Petit Verdot
Santa Ynez Valley
Alcohol Content
Barrel Description
33% New French Oak Puncheons 77% One year old French Puncheons
Barrel Aged
11 months
Case Production
300 cases

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