Uproot Wines - Creative, Young, and Passionate

November 04, 2015

by David Thompson

Uproot Wines was founded in 2011 by Greg Scheinfeld and his business partner Jay Levy. Greg came to the Napa Valley after leaving a career in finance and as he says, “a job that required me to always be in the office”. The career choice couldn’t be more polar opposite – working in a rural environment, often outdoors and being directly responsible for a specific product.

His friend recommended he try one harvest to see if this was something he would enjoy. Jay thought for sure this was going to be a one time endeavor. That was in 2006. Today he is responsible for the wine making for Uproot. After working at prominent Napa wineries, Joseph Phelps and Cakebread he then moved to Vineyard 29. When he left he was their cellar-master.

The team at Uproot Wines are creative, young and passionate; they are producing excellent wines.



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