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It’s 10 degrees in NYC – What’s happening in Napa?

People get very excited when we talk about the winery.  They like to know what’s going on, how the business is run, how the wine is made, etc.  On the business side, we spend time in January and February reviewing the holiday season and preparing for the season ahead.  Obviously, every season is wineseason, but we’re working on things like  - labels for upcoming vintages, local events and tastings, designing materials for upcoming releases. Things like that.

There are some basic basics to winemaking and a lot of people know when Harvest is (September-November for those who don’t), but what happens in February?  Or as we in NYC wonder, what does Greg do every day?  He’s entertaining, of course!  He’s held multiple tastings with wine club members, which is awesome.  We love that our wine club members are taking advantage of and enjoying their club member benefits.  Greg, along with Chris our wondrous salesperson, has spent time checking in on our beloved Napa restaurants, visiting Bouchon, Morimoto, Norman Rose, and Cook, among others, to say hi and make sure their wine supply is up to speed.

Greg also spends time sampling all the wines, analyzing them, adjusting sulfur levels, topping up the barrels to make sure the wines are stable, and prepping each vintage for bottling in the coming months.  He also mentioned that he’s been paying special attention to the progress of the 2012 Cabernet (new release spoiler!).

Right now in Napa, it’s Premiere Napa Valley – a time when Napa Valley celebrates wines made locally that are special edition, limited-production, and unique.  We aren’t participating officially, but won’t miss out on some of the unofficial after parties.

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