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Meet Raaka Virgin Chocolate. Raaka was founded by Ryan Cheney after being introduced to chocolate making on a trip to Thailand. Excited by the flavors of unroasted cocoa beans, Ryan teamed up with friend and gastronomist, Nate Hodge, to further explore these pure, exotic flavors and a revolutionary low-temperature chocolate making technique. Raaka Virgin Chocolate was born. Their new chocolate making approach will not only send you into a rapturous galaxy of coco bliss, but it also helps preserve the unique flavor profile's of each region's climate, soil, elevation, genetics, and harvesting practices. Each bar is a celebration of these distinct flavors. Oh, and did we mention every bar is vegan, nut-free, soy-free, gluten free, organic, and Certified Kosher.


Uproot and Raaka Chocolate are on parallel missions. Creating bold, small-batch products that don't skimp on quality and showcase the unique profiles of each region & growing season. What we created were three one-of-a-kind holiday gift sets that have something for everyone on your list. Also, let's be honest, wine & chocolate... Need we say more?


RAAKA RED SET ($67.00) - We paired up our velvety 2013 Grenache with three of our favorite Raaka Chocolate bars. The subtle confectionary sweetness in this vibrant red makes the virgin chocolate sing.

SWEET TOOTH SET ($88.00) - Wine and chocolate are supposed to fun, which is why we paired these scrumptious chocolate bars with our jovial 2012 Sauvignon Blanc and 2014 Rosé. Best enjoyed as a mid afternoon snack or late night treat.

FOODIE SET ($138.00) - We threw out all the rules on this one and created the ultimate foodie gift set. Not only will you receive our 2013 Grenache and the three bar Raaka Chocolate set, but we also decided to include a bottle of our standout 2011 Napa Cabernet AND the J.Q. Dickinson Sea Salt set as well!


DARK WITH SEA SALT - A one of a kind chocolate showcasing sparkling citrus notes and warm hints of berry. Unroasted, stoneground cocoa beans present a totally unique flavor profile. Topped with Peruvian Pink Sea Salt to open the palate.

MAPLE AND NIBS - Roasted nibs from the Dominican Republic meet earthy, unroasted Bolivian beans in this classic, fudgy chocolate. Maple sugar from Bascom Family Farms in New Hampshire adds notes of caramel, while the nibs leave a warm, toasty crunch.

COCONUT MILK - We developed the Coconut Milk bar to satisfy our desire for a creamy, milky chocolate made without dairy. Coconut milk creates a great alternative to whole milk, while providing an undeniably creamy mouthfeel reminiscent of traditional milk chocolate.


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