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Pure, natural JQ Dickinson Sea Salt | UPROOT WINES |


This 7th generation salt-making family hand harvests brine from an ancient, untouched ocean trapped below the Appalachian Mountains. Processed naturally using the power of the sun and gentle mountain breezes, every crystal of J.Q. Dickinson Salt is completed by hand without the use big machinery and chemicals. They diligently work to enhance the natural properties of salt, using only the power of the earth and hand-made tools. J.Q.Dickinson Salt is the epitome of pure.

Pure, natural JQ Dickinson Sea Salt | UPROOT WINES |


All natural, unrefined sea salt may not sound like a game changer, but any chef worth their salt (Yep, we went there.) knows the difference these little flavor crystals can make. At Uproot, we truly believe the little things make a world of difference. J.Q. Dickinson Salt is all the evidence we need.

SALT WORKS SET ($62.00) - Our 2012 Sauvignon Blanc is refined, polished, and crisp, which is why we think it's the perfect complement to J.Q. Dickinson sea salt. For a magical evening, throw a dash of J.Q. Dickinson on a beautiful cut of fish and pop open a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

FOODIE SET ($138.00) - We threw out all the rules on this one and created the ultimate foodie gift set. Not only will you receive our 2013 Grenache and a J.Q. Dickson Salt set, but we also decided to include a bottle of our standout 2011 Napa Cabernet AND three bars of Raaka Chocolate as well!

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